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Tip of the Day - Let Outlook Read Email For You

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Article No :: KB00006

Feeling bored of reading long emails and also cannot afford personal assistant to read emails for you, don’t worry Microsoft has solved your problem.

Microsoft Outlook stands out among the list of other email client apps out there, it includes list of features and tools, which eventually add extra support for its users. Today I’ll be bringing a superb feature into limelight, which will read emails for you, however it is not that much eloquent, but you can easily comprehend the accent. It’s called Speak tool of Microsoft Outlook 2010.

To start off with, launch Outlook 2010 and from Quick Access toolbar options, click More Commands.

It will bring-up Outlook Options dialog, under Choose commands, click drop-down button to select All Commands. Now scroll-down to find Speak command and click Add >> to show it in Quick Access toolbar. Hit OK to continue.

Now open email in reading pane, select the text, click Speak button in Quick Access toolbar, and it will start reading the selected mail content.

You can stop the speak function anytime by clicking speak button again in Quick Access toolbar.

Enjoy your Personal Assistance, with no extra Cost…

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